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How to setup EZVIZ devices with Alexa Echo Show?

EZVIZ skills for Alexa currently work only with the following EZVIZ cloud cameras: Mini, Mini O, Mini Plus, Mini 360 Plus, Mini Trooper, Husky and Husky dome. Before connecting to Amazon Echo Show, log in to your EZVIZ App and go to the Camera Settings. Look for the “Image Encryption” and tap to turn it off. Change the name of your camera. Ensure that you select a suitable name for your camera, such as “baby room camera” or “front door camera.” Please ensure that you are configuring the EZVIZ skills correctly. Follow the steps below to properly configure EZVIZ skills with your Alexa app;


1.      Log into your Alexa app

2.      From the menu options choose skills

3.      Type EZVIZ on the search bar, locate EZVIZ and enable the skill

4.      Enter your EZVIZ username/password to authorize Alexa to access your EZVIZ account

5.      Tap the “Discover devices”  tab to allow Alexa discover all your EZVIZ device

6.      Go back to menu list and select smart home, under devices you should see all your EZVIZ devices under devices


Please ensure that you have decent internet connection speed both for the Echo show and the EZVIZ device you have linked up with your Alexa. We do recommend that you maintain at least 1 Mbps upload speed per EZVIZ device on your network

If you require further assistance, visit our online @ https://community.ezvizlife.com/hc/en-us