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  • How Much Does the Cloudplay Subscription Cost for Cloud Cameras??

    There are two types of plans and two easy ways of payment, these are below: 

    Home Plan

    7 Day Playback for up to 4 cameras

    Save 7 days of video



    30 Day Playback for up to 4 cameras

    Save 30 days of video



    Standard Plan

    7 Day Playback per camera

    Save 7 days of video



    30 Day Playback per Camera

    Save 30 days of video



    If you require further assistance, visit our online community center @ https://community.ezvizlife.com/hc/en-us

  • How to search video and images stored on cloud storage?

    Unlimited cloud storage on EZVIZ CloudPlay service allows you to store 7 or 30 days of video Clips based on your subscription. You can access those recordings by doing the following: 

    Using the App (when Cloud Service is activated)

    Go to “Messages” form the main page and click the notification image or message video.

    Using the Web App (When Cloud Service is Activated)

    Login to EZVIZ CloudPlay access portal by visiting our support site http://usservice.ezvizlife.com from the "Navigation" menu, click on "Cloud Sign-In" 
    Go to “Gallery > Cloud Images” page and check the images and videos by device, date, and time.

    NOTE:  IEv11 for Windows and Safari for Mac are the only supported browsers. 

  • How to cancel the cloud subscription service

    Follow the steps below to cancel your cloud subscription service - this will avoid auto-renewal charges in the future while still allowing you to enjoy our current paid subscription term.

    1.   Log into your EZVIZ account from your Mobile App

    2.   From the "Home Page" tap on the name of the camera or the SN to open the device settings page

    3.   Scroll down to "Storage Status", then tap on "Cloud Storage"

    4.   Click on "manage plans" and cancel your subscription.


    Please note that when the subscription is canceled:

    1.    There are no refunds/prorated dates

    2.    Your recording plan will expire when it reaches the end of the subscription period