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How to deal with the system message “Device is offline”?

1) Check the indicator lights on the device; ensure that the device is in configuration mode.

2) Ensure that your router is functional and can go online to the internet and ensure that you do not have multiple devices on your network.

3) If all the troubleshooting techniques listed above doesn’t resolve the problem, please delete the device from the account, reset the device and re-add the device to your account.

How to download the recorded video clips?

You can manually record the video while in live view mode or playback mode. While in live view or playback mode > Tap on the record icon to start the manual recording. Once the recordings have been completed, your video will be saved to “my album” on your EZVIZ mobile app.

Does EZVIZ product support 5 GHz Wi-Fi?

Most products are configured to support 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network mode; however, some products do support 5 GHz. The following products support 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi network mode;

DB1, Mini Plus, C6P, C6, C6Wi, E6, H6, DB1C, DB1 pro, HP7 support 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz.

Sports camera S5 Plus supports 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz.

Router W3 support dual band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

All other security cameras support only 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network mode.

I have insert Micro SD card, but app still shows “No memory card”?

If you have already installed an SD card in your camera, but the status on the EZVIZ APP shows "No memory card" or "Please insert an SD card", below are some troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue for you:

Step 1: Ensure both the firmware of your camera and the EZVIZ APP are running on the latest version.

Step 2: Ensure the SD card is class 10 or rated at UHS-1. The file format of the SD card should be FAT32 for capacities below 64GB and exFAT for capacities of 64GB and above.

We do recommend you check the compatible list on our website.

Step 3: Power off your camera, remove and reinsert the SD card, power the camera on, and then initialize the card again on the EZVIZ APP if the SD card can be recognized. Meanwhile, please make sure that the card has been installed correctly and is not defective or damaged.

*Before initialization, do remember to backup important files by saving or exporting them if necessary.

Step 4: If not working, try to factory reset your camera by holding the Reset button. This will turn the device to the default factory settings and might help resolve minor issues.

Step 5: To further rule out the SD card issue, you may try to test with a different SD card or install the card in question on another EZVIZ device.


Last Updated: 13/09/2022

My mobile phone cannot play the live video, but other phones can play, how can this problem be resolved?

1) Ensure that you are logged into the correct account.

2) Check the internet connection of your mobile phone (browse other websites to ensure good internet connectivity), switch from Wi-Fi or 4GHz to rule out all Network problems, then refresh the page to try again.

3) You can try to view the live video using the EZVIZ Studio. If the device cannot be viewed, then try to restart the device.

4) If you get the prompt “maximum connection reached”, please close the video feed on other clients.

Is there a warranty for EZVIZ product?

Yes. Your EZVIZ product is warranted for a period of one (1) year [two (2) years for EU regions] from the date of purchase. 

Click here for more information on EZVIZ's limited warranty. 

Alarm notification messages received, but no message notification sound, how can I resolve this?

Ensure that your mobile phone is not set to "Silent" mode.

For Android Devices:

Go to the system settings page of the phone and find Apps;

Locate EZVIZ APP and then Notification settings;

Turn on the notification sound from that page.

(The interface may vary depending on the phone model and version)

For iOS devices:

Go to the system settings page of the phone;

Scroll down to EZVIZ;

Turn on the notification sound from that page.

Why does my playback video Stop for few seconds or get stuck on my mobile phone?

This is caused by the mobile device reaching its maximum network bandwidth. Ensure that you close all applications utilizing network traffic on your mobile device. 

What are the differences among Smart Configuration, Sound Configuration, and AP Configuration?

There are different methods of adding device for the first time. Setting up the device using the smart configuration or sound configuration mode, the status indicator lights will alternate between red/blue – indicating that the device is in configuration mode. Setting up the device using the AP configuration, the status indicator lights will continuously flash blue. You will also receive voice prompts in some models. Most new devices or devices with updated firmware versions support AP configuration mode.

What if my router is a dual-band or Tri-band router supporting 2.4GHz, 5GHz or AC mode simultaneously?

For optimal setup experience, we strongly suggest you use 2 different SSID for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

[Troubleshoot] What does the error message "Device is busy" mean?

Please note that this message usually indicates that the camera or NVR/DVR has reached its maximum connection at the same time. Please check if you have shared your account or device with your family or friends. If so, please advise them to log out of the account. If not, please turn off the device and turn it on again, this should solve the problem.

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