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What does the error message "Device is busy" mean?

Please note that this message usually indicates that the device has reached its maximum connection at the same time. Please check if you have shared your account or device with your family or friends. If so, please advise them to log out of the account. If not, please turn off the device and turn it on again, this should solve the problem.

Compatibility List for DB1 & DB1C Chime

Compatibility List for DB1 & DB1C Chime

1. Digital Chime


2. Mechanical Chime


Notes: Please use EZVIZ App to select Chime Type during DB1 & DB1C setup.

Is there a warranty for EZVIZ product?

Yes. Your EZVIZ product is warranted for a period of one (1) year [two (2) years for EU regions] from the date of purchase. 

Click here for more information on EZVIZ's limited warranty. 

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    How to Install DB1