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The battery seems to drain too fast

Kindly note the actual battery life will vary depending on environmental factors, network stability, and the frequency of camera activities. 

Thus, to optimize the battery life, we suggest you check the following:

1)Low temperature. As the battery inside is a lithium-ion battery, if the temperature is low, the charging would be slowed, so you may need to charge more often at temperatures below 0. 

2)Weak Wi-Fi connection. Please ensure the network connection is good and there is no barrier or radio interference between your camera and your router causing an unstable network. You may open the EZVIZ mobile app > enter camera settings > Network Settings and tap Wi-Fi Signal Strength to test the signal.

3)Meanwhile, you can try the below settings to reduce battery drain:

- enable Power Saving or Super Power Saving(only active live view can wake up the camera) in camera Settings > Working Mode 

- decrease detection sensitivity in camera settings > Intelligent Detection

- draw detection areas in camera settings > Intelligent Detection