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Will the RS2's cleaning plan will be resumed after the Wi-Fi disconnection?

The Wi-Fi disconnection does not affect current and already scheduled tasks. And the RS2 will automatically reconnect to the Wi-Fi network when it approaches to the router

How high of the obstacles can RS2 cross?

2 cm

Can RS2 connect to Wi-Fi? Does it support 5G band Wi-Fi?

It can only connect to 2.4G Wi-Fi network.

How much power does RS2 take for a full charge?

220V*0.3A/1000*3H=0.198 kW·h

Whether the mop cloth of RS2 will be smelly.

The mop cloth can be self-cleaned and the docking station has the function of air drying the mop cloth. If it is smelly, it may be due to excessive use time, and it needs to be replaced with a new mop cloth in time.

Will the RS2 collide with objects? Can "0 collision" be achieved?

RGB AI cameras can identify more than ten common objects, such as slippers, socks, cables, trash cans, scales, and other objects. 3D line lasers can accurately detect and avoid obstacles above 2cm. However, obstacles below 2cm that have not been trained with AI cannot be identified and avoided. Also, since AI training for RGB has not yet been conducted in the dark, obstacles in the dark cannot be identified for the time being, and can only be detected and avoided using 3D line lasers. So that 0 collision can not be achieved. Till now, no manufacturers can declare their device can achieve 0 collision.

Will there be water stains when RS2 mopping the floor?

There will be a few water stains, which is a normal phenomenon. Maintaining ventilation can quickly dry these stains.

What is the movement speed of the RS2?

Sweeping: 0.3m/s, mopping: 0.25m/s.

Will the RS2 cause scratches on wooden floors or baseboards when cleaning?

For floor with soft wood, it maybe damaged by the obstacles like hard dust, ceramic, glass fragment sticked on the RS2 mop assembly and main brush, which belongs to a common phenomenon for RS2; influenced by the color, RS2 may not effectively detect and avoid the skirting line if the skirting line is made of dark light-absorbing material or with partial embossing, so that there is a certain probability that it will trigger a slight bump, which may cause scratches over time.

Can I wash the mop cloth of RS2 with hot water?

The mop cloth can be self-cleaned and if necessary, remove it and wash with hot water in the pool.

How many maps can RS2 create and save on the EZVIZ App? Can they be divided into floors and how?

The RS2 can save up to 4 floor maps. Each map can support up to 500 square meters. First use of multi layer map cleaning:

  1. Place the Robot: For the first use, if you want to clean a certain floor, please move the RS2 and docking station to the corresponding floor;
  2. Click [Start] to begin the cleaning task, and RS2 will automatically draw a new map.

Daily use of multi floor cleaning:

  1. Place the Robot: After saving a floor map, please first move the RS2 and docking station to the corresponding floor;
  2. Start cleaning: RS2 will automatically adapt to the corresponding floor map, just enable cleaning directly.

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