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Can the maps in the EZVIZ app be regionally segmented or merged?

Yes, the maps in the EZVIZ app be regionally segmented or merged.

Can I create maps in the EZVIZ app? How accurate is the mapping?

Map creation can be initiated from the EZVIZ app. By using d-TOF laser radar, the mapping accuracy can reach 15mm.

Can I rename the region or the room in the map management in the app?

Please follow the steps below:

1. Click [Map] on the main interface of cleaning, select the map you need to operate, and click to enter the map editing interface.

2. Click [Room Name] in the menu below, and click the room to name it. Custom naming is supported.

How long can the map of the RS2 created in the app last?

The map can be saved all the time.

What are the cleaning modes for RS2 controlled by EZVIZ mobile app?

RS2 has four cleaning modes: [Vacuum Before Mop], [Vacuum While Mop], [Vacuum Only], and [Mop Only].

What if the EZVIZ App shows that the RS2 is not online?

Please follow the steps below:

1. The App shows that the Robot is offline, but the device's WiFi indicator light remains on:

a. Log out of the App and log in again.

b. Reconnect the cellphone network (Wi-Fi or mobile network).

c. Restart the router.

2. The App shows that the Robot is offline and the Wi-Fi indicator light is always flashing:

a. Confirm whether the Robot is in a position where the Wi-Fi signal is weak.

b. Confirm whether the name or password of the Wi-Fi has been changed. If so, please reconfigure the network.

c. Please turn off the power supply of the Robot and restart it. After starting, please observe whether the Wi-Fi indicator light remains on. If it remains on, refresh the App to see if the Robot is online. If it flashes, it is recommended to restart the router. After the phone is connected to the network normally, open the App to check whether the Robot is online. If it still shows offline status, please reconfigure the network.

3. The Wi-Fi indicator light suddenly goes out in a daily state:

a. Check whether the Robot power supply is turned on.

b. In the power-on state, shortly press the reset button and observe the display status of the Wi-Fi light.

If you continue to encounter issues or have any further concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support for further assistance.

What should I do if the docking station prompts that the host cannot be connected?

Please follow the steps below:

1. Check if the RS2 is turned on: Press and hold the start button for 2 seconds. After 30 seconds, observe if the four-color indicator light of the device rotates and changes to a light yellow color, indicating that the device is turned on and functioning properly.

2. Verify if the RS2 lost contact during cleaning: If the robot loses contact with the docking station during cleaning, it may be due to the distance between them being too far. This temporary loss of connection does not affect the robot's normal operation. Once the connection to the docking station is restored, the RS2 will continue operating as usual.

3. Address internal errors: If the indicator light on the RS2 flashes red, it indicates an internal error in the robot's system. In such cases, press and hold the power button to restart the device. This can help resolve the internal error and restore normal functionality.

4. Address network fluctuations: If you experience network fluctuations, it may be helpful to restart the docking station. To do this, unplug the power supply, wait until the station screen is completely turned off, and then reconnect the power supply. This can help stabilize the network connection and ensure proper communication between the RS2 and the docking station.


If you continue to encounter issues or have any further concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support for further assistance.

What should I do if the RS2 cannot enter network configuration mode?

Possible reasons for not being able to enter the network configuration mode on the RS2 may include:

1. The RS2 is currently engaged in a mapping or cleaning task.

2. There might be an internal error within the RS2's system.

To resolve this issue, we recommend following these steps:

1. If you have attempted to enter the network configuration mode multiple times without success, try restarting the RS2.

2. Wait for the indicator light on the RS2 to rotate and change to a light yellow color before attempting any further operations.

If the problem persists or if you encounter any further difficulties, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support for additional assistance.

How to add the RS2 to the EZVIZ APP?

Please follow the steps below:

1. Connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network (the device only supports 2.4G Wi-Fi network);

2. Download and install the "EZVIZ" App, and complete user registration according to the prompts;

3. Press and hold the power button of RS2 for 4s until it is turned on;

4. Select Add Device to enter the scan QR code interface;

5. Scan the QR code on the body of RS2 and complete the network configuration and addition of the device according to the interface prompts.

After being disconnected, will RS2 automatically reconnect to the Wi-Fi?

After being disconnected, RS2 will automatically reconnect to the Wi-Fi when it approaches the router again.

Can RS2 clean carpets? Can the suction level be adjusted automatically?

The RS2 is equipped with carpet recognition capability, allowing it to sweep carpets effectively. Additionally, the suction level of the RS2 is adjustable.

How many ways are there to control the cleaning of the RS2?

There are 3 ways: docking station panel and RS2 buttons for operation, intelligent speaker control, and APP control.

Will RS2 avoid power cords, magazines, and thin table legs?

The RS2 can identify and avoid obstacles such as power cords, scales, trash cans, socks, shoes, slippers, and so forth.

Will pets and people's hair be tangled in the RS2?

After sweeping has accumulated for more than 30 minutes, reverse entangled hair cleaning will be triggered at the end of the task to reduce the entanglement.

How to clean the mop cloth for RS2 and whether it has automatic drying function

Rotary self-cleaning, the docking station has the function of air drying mop cloth.

How much power does RS2 take for a full charge?

220V*0.3A/1000*3H=0.198 kW·h

How many maps can RS2 create and save on the EZVIZ App? Can they be divided into floors and how?

RS2 can save up to 4 floor maps. Each map can support up to 500 square meters.

First use of multi layer map cleaning:

1. Place the Robot: For the first use, if you want to clean a certain floor, please move the RS2 and docking station to the corresponding floor;

2. Click [Start] to begin the cleaning task, and RS2 will automatically draw a new map.

Daily use of multi floor cleaning:

1. Place the Robot: After saving a floor map, please first move the RS2 and docking station to the corresponding floor;

2. Start cleaning: RS2 will automatically adapt to the corresponding floor map, just enable cleaning directly.

Can RS2 connect to Wi-Fi? Does it support 5G band Wi-Fi?

It can only connect to 2.4G Wi-Fi network.

Will the RS2 cause scratches on wooden floors or baseboards when cleaning?

For floor with soft wood, it maybe damaged by the obstacles like hard dust, ceramic, glass fragment sticked on the RS2 mop assembly and main brush, which belongs to a common phenomenon for RS2; influenced by the color, RS2 may not effectively detect and avoid the skirting line if the skirting line is made of dark light-absorbing material or with partial embossing, so that there is a certain probability that it will trigger a slight bump, which may cause scratches over time.

Will the RS2 collide with objects? Can "0 collision" be achieved?

RGB AI cameras can identify more than ten common objects, such as slippers, socks, cables, trash cans, scales, and other objects. 3D line lasers can accurately detect and avoid obstacles above 2cm. However, obstacles below 2cm that have not been trained with AI cannot be identified and avoided. Also, since AI training for RGB has not yet been conducted in the dark, obstacles in the dark cannot be identified for the time being, and can only be detected and avoided using 3D line lasers. So that 0 collision can not be achieved. Till now, no manufacturers can declare their device can achieve 0 collision.

Will there be water stains when RS2 mopping the floor?

There will be a few water stains, which is a normal phenomenon. Maintaining ventilation can quickly dry these stains.

Can I wash the mop cloth of RS2 with hot water?

The mop cloth can be self-cleaned and if necessary, remove it and wash with hot water in the pool.

Whether the mop cloth of RS2 will be smelly.

The mop cloth can be self-cleaned and the docking station has the function of air drying the mop cloth. If it is smelly, it may be due to excessive use time, and it needs to be replaced with a new mop cloth in time.

What is the movement speed of the RS2?

Sweeping: 0.3m/s, mopping: 0.25m/s.

How high of the obstacles can RS2 cross?

2 cm

Will the RS2's cleaning plan will be resumed after the Wi-Fi disconnection?

The Wi-Fi disconnection does not affect current and already scheduled tasks. And the RS2 will automatically reconnect to the Wi-Fi network when it approaches to the router

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