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How to deal with the system message “Device is offline”?

1. Please check the status of the indicator light first:

- If it is solid blue or flashing blue slowly, please refresh the home page on the EZVIZ APP to check whether the camera becomes online or not.

- If the indicator light is flashing red slowly, you can try the following two methods:

1) Please reboot your router as it may be experiencing connectivity and range issues.

2) Unplug your camera, wait for 10-30 seconds, then plug it back in to see if this solves the offline problem.

2. If the camera is still offline, you can try to reconfigure it by following the steps below:

- Connect your smartphone to your 2.4GHz home Wi-Fi network if your camera supports 2.4GHz only.

- Open your EZVIZ APP, tap the three-dot icon to enter the Device Settings page and tap the Wi-Fi button.

- Reset the device by pressing the reset button for a few seconds.

- Wait for a while, make sure the indicator light turns to flash blue quickly and tap Next.

- Check that your WIFI and password are correct. Then tap Next to connect to device AP.

- Please wait for the device to be configured and your device should be back online. 

What should I do if the image is reversed?

Please follow the steps below:

Step 1: From the Home Page, tap the three-dot icon to enter the Device Setup/Settings page.

Step 2: Scroll down to tap Flip Image, or for some models, select Image Settings, and then tap Flip Image.

Step 3: The image would be flipped 180 degrees if you see the message “Flipped”.

What should I do if I have lost my EZVIZ device verification code

Please note that for most EZVIZ devices, there are usually three ways to obtain the 6 capital letter device code:

1. You can find it on the device label of the EZVIZ device. For doorbell devices such as DB1, please remove the device cover and scan the QR code with a third-party QR code scanner.

2. For some models, there is a QR code on the manual cover that contains device information (Note: there is no such information if the cover says "scan the QR code for detailed manual"). And you can use a third-party QR code scanner to scan it to get the device code.

3. Alternatively, you can find it in Digital Device Information or Device QR Code in Camera Settings-Device Information/About on the EZVIZ mobile app.

*Please note that for backend devices such as X5 and X4, the device code is the admin password that you set when you set up the device.

If you still need further assistance, please feel free to contact the EZVIZ support team at support@ezviz.com.

What if my EZVIZ camera cannot connect to network via LAN cable

We understand that you may be experiencing difficulties connecting your device online via an Ethernet cable. To troubleshoot the issue, we recommend the following steps:

1. Verify the router and cable: Ensure that both the router and cable are in proper working order. You can try using a different cable or connecting the cable to a different port on the router to eliminate any potential issues.

2. Test the connection: After checking the cable and router, attempt to establish a connection again and see if the problem persists. If it does, proceed to the next step.


If the issue persists despite trying different cables and ports, we recommend reaching out to our EZVIZ support team for further assistance.

What should I do if the app says "Unable to join network EZVIZ_SN" during the configuration process

If you see "Unable to join network EZVIZ_SN" (the SN of your EZVIZ camera) or if you cannot connect to the Device AP during network configuration, we suggest you reset your camera by pressing the reset button for 4-5 seconds and restart the setup procedure.


Before doing so, please make sure that

1. Make sure that you have turned off the cellular data on your phone.

2. Make sure your device is in configuration mode. You can easily tell if the camera is ready by checking if the indicator light flashes blue quickly.

3. When configuring the network, make sure that your EZVIZ device is close to your Wi-Fi router. We recommend that you keep the distance less than 1.5 meters.


If the problem persists, please try the following method:

1. If you are using iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max, please try with a different phone model;

2. Please check if you can find a Wi-Fi starting with EZVIZ_XXXXXX (the SN of your EZVIZ camera) in the Wi-Fi list of your phone;

3. If yes, please check if you can connect it manually. The password for the device Wi-Fi should be "EZVIZ_verification code" (a 6-digit capital letter code that you can find on the device label);

4. After the connection, go back to the EZVIZ app to complete the network configuration.

What should I do if the live stream fails to play?

Regarding this, please try switching the network your phone connects to, for example, using phone data or if your router is dual band, using 5G Wi-Fi.

Meanwhile, kindly note that network connection may affect the streaming performance of your EZVIZ devices, thus we do suggest an average upload speed of 2 Mbps or better. To check the speed, you may stand by your EZVIZ device, connect your mobile phone to your Wi-Fi, and visit www.speedtest.net to test.

(For a 3MP device, we do suggest an average upload speed of 3 Mbps or better. If a 4MP device, we do suggest an average upload speed of 4 Mbps or better.)


If you are still experiencing live view issues in your Wi-Fi network, you may also try to change the channel settings for your router or remove some devices you seldom use from your router to ensure sufficient bandwidth.

How to delete my EZVIZ account permanently?

Please follow the steps below:

1. Log in your EZVIZ account, tap the Profile Photo on the top left 

2. Enter My Profile by clicking the profile picture 

3. Tap Login Settings 

4. Then tap Delete Account

5. Please read the Notice carefully before you confirm to Delete My Account

*Please make sure that all the devices under this account have been removed before you delete your account.

What should I do if I'm unable to receive the verification code?

1. If you registered an account via email, please check your junk mail. If you still do not receive the verification code, you may have an email filter/block that is restricting this email. Please check with your email provider.

2. If you registered an account using a mobile phone number, please confirm that your mobile phone can receive SMS short codes. You can also try clearing the cache on your phone, restarting your phone, or inserting the SIM card into another phone to see if you can receive it.

3. If the issue persists after following the above steps and you need additional assistance, please provide your camera's SN, your phone number/email address, your country, the time of your request and a short video of the issue to the support center at support@ezviz.com.

How many days of video can I record on a 16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB card?

It is estimated that for a 1080P EZVIZ security camera, a 16GB Micro SD card will provide approximately 28-32 days of recording under normal use, which is about 1 hour of motion event recordings a day. Recording time for 720p cameras will be longer. 

Here is the estimated number of required spaces for your reference. Please note that the actual space taken up may vary depending on the operating environment and other factors.

EZVIZ ModelMax. required space for one-day recording(GB)Min. recording time per capacity of SD Card(days)
DP1,DP1C7.52.1 4.3 8.5 17.1 




10.71.5 12 


C1C-1080P,C1C-B,C1HC H.265,C2C H.265

C3N,C3TN-2MP,C3TN-Color,C3W Pro-2MP,C3X


DB1 Pro,DB2,DB2 Pro,LC1C

21.40.7 1.5 

C3TN-3MP (OutPro),H3



C3W Pro-4MP



42.80.4 0.7 1.5 
C8W PRO-3K53.50.3 0.6 1.2 2.4 

How to delete or remove a device from your EZVIZ account?

Follow the steps below to delete the camera from your EZVIZ account using your mobile app.

1)Log into the EZVIZ account

2)Tap on the image of the camera to open the "live view" page

3)From the top right corner, tap on the "gear icon" to enter the Device Settings page

4)Swipe down to the bottom, and tap "Delete Device" to unbind it

NOTE for CloudPlay Subscribers: If you are a CloudPlay subscriber the option to "Cancel Subscription" and/or "Delete Video Clips" stored in the EZVIZ Cloud Storage service is also provided here.

WARNING: By selecting the "Delete Video Clips" option here you will be deleting "ALL" video clips stored in the Cloud Service. These CAN NOT be recovered.

How to solve Wi-Fi configure failed issue?

Please check the following settings below:

1) Check the frequency band on your router to ensure that it allows 2.4 GHz network mode transmission if your device supports 2.4 GHz only..

2) Ensure that your mobile phone is on the WiFi and ensure that the WiFi network is active and functional

3) Check the network condition:

    •Make sure your network has no firewall and no other limit.

    •Ensure the router can distribute IP address to your device or disable the static IP setting (DHCP is enabled by default on all EZVIZ devices).

4) Reset your camera; ensure that your device is in ready mode or Wi-Fi configuration mode > then use the EZVIZ mobile app for device Wi-Fi configuration.

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