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What to do if alarm notification is not pushed in APP?

If you can check alarm notifications on the Library page of the EZVIZ APP but cannot receive push notifications in the background, below are some troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue for you:

1. Please disable and re-enable the Alarm Notification feature in the EZVIZ APP.

You can enter the Device Settings page > Alarm Notification or the Device Settings page > Notification > (App-side) Receive Device Message > EZVIZ App Notification to do so.

2. Delete any notification schedules you have set before and also make sure that the Notification Schedule button is off.

On the Alarm Notification page, you can tap Set Notification Schedule and delete your schedules, then disable the Notification Schedule button. 

Alternatively, on the Notification page, tap Notification Schedule, enter Customized schedule and clear all the time periods you have set, then go back to select the All time option.

3. Make sure that the "Do Not Disturb" button is turned off on the Library page in the EZVIZ app.

4. If you are still unable to receive push notifications, please check that the push notification permissions for the EZVIZ app are enabled on your mobile device as below:

For IOS mobile devices, enter the Settings page of your phone > EZVIZ APP > Notifications > Allow Notifications.

For Android mobile devices, enter the Settings page of your phone > APPs > EZVIZ APP. Enable "Appear on top" first, then enter "Notifications" and enable "Show notifications". After that, if you still have other categories, click on all the options in turn, and make sure that the "Show notifications", “Show as pop-up” and “Ignore Do not disturb” features are enabled under each option.

5. There are a few other settings on your phone that you will need to pay attention to as well:

Make sure that the EZVIZ app is not blocked if you have anti-virus software stalled on your mobile phone.

For IOS mobile devices (above 15), make sure your device is not in Do Not Disturb or Focus mode.

For Android devices, make sure that battery optimization for the EZVIZ app is turned off in your phone settings. You may check this by going to phone Settings> Device maintenance > BATTERY > BATTERY Usage > Optimize battery usage > Apps not optimized > All app > turning off EZVIZ switch. 

(Please note that the interface of your phone settings may vary depending on the phone model and version. You may also click here to check the video instructions for reference.)


Last Updated 06/12/2023

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