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  • How to add device?

    1. Download the EZVIZ APP to your mobile phone from the App Store (for iOS), Google Play (for Android), or HUAWEI APP Gallery (for HUAWEI).

    2. Register an EZVIZ account with your email or phone number and log in.

    3. Reset your camera by pressing the reset button for about 10-15 seconds, for some cameras you will hear the voice of "Reset successfully". Then wait for about 1 minute or a few seconds, when you see the indicator light change into red-blue flashing alternately or blue light flashing fast (for some cameras, there is no light change for your reference, that's ok, you just wait for about 1 minute).

    4. Connect your phone to 2.4G wifi only, then tap the "+" button on the home page to scan the QR code that is on the label of the device. You can find a label on the back or bottom of the device. (Please make sure your phone is connected to 2.4G wifi only and you give the camera permission to the EZVIZ app)

    5. Then follow the instructions on the APP to connect the device to your wifi.

    6. After adding the device to your account, you will be able to view your cameras.

  • How to upgrade action camera?

    There are two method

    Method A:  online upgrade

    1.      Use EZVIZ SPORTS App.

    2.      If there is a new firmware release, then the app will have a notification. You can according to the notification upgrade or not.

    Method B:  offline upgrade

    1.      Visit EZVIZ support center (https://service.ezvizlife.com/download ) to download the new firmware.

    2.      Input the new firmware to SD card.

    3.      Reboot the action camera, then it automatically upgrade.

    4.      After upgrade success, camera will reboot again

    Note: the new firmware should put in the outermost directory. The camera power should over 50% when upgrade.

  • Why EZVIZ products are differentiated by country/region?

    As different countries have different requirements including legal, cloud service server requirements, we have to tailor the product to better serve our customer.

  • How to add device via S/N?

    1) Login into your EZVIZ account

    2) Press the "+" sign at top right corner in “Home” page to get to the device addition page

    3) Manually input the serial number of the device > Follow the prompt to complete the setup

  • How does EZVIZ protect my video privacy?

    1) Every EZVIZ device comes with a factory programmed verification code or Users have to set their own passwords. For privacy protection, unauthorized users cannot access videos, playback and images without a verification code.

    2) EZVIZ adopts HTTPS in order to protect users' connection to our website. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a combination of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol with the SSL/TLS protocol to provide encryption and secure identification of the server.

    3) EZVIZ uses end-to-end SSL/TLS encryption to prevent data interception and theft.

    4) Only valid emails/phone numbers can be used to register EZVIZ account, EZVIZ implements email/phone number verification by sending verification codes to allow users complete critical account activities, like creating an account, retrieving lost password etc.

  • How to add a new device in the EZVIZ App

    1.     Log in your EZVIZ App

    2.     Tap the “+” in the top right of the Home page to add a new device

    3.     It is recommended to scan the QR Code on the cover of this manual or on the body of the camera to add the device

    4.     You can also tap the icon in the top right of the Scan QR Code page and enter device SN (serial number) to add the device

    5.     Please noted that one device is only allowed to add under one account. Please make sure the device have been deleted from other account before you add it.

    6.     Follow the rest of the instructions in the app to finish

  • How to create IFTTT applets with EZVIZ cameras?

    Click here to see the details.

    This method is applied for the EZVIZ customers in the US and UK region. For other countries/regions, this feature might not be available

  • How to set up C6N/TY1/TY2 as a webcam?

    Web camera On SplitCam

    1 Download and install SplitCam software on your PC

    2 Ensure your camera and your PC are on the same network

    3 Right-click your mouse and click IP Camera, input the URL in Add IP Camera, and click Add:

    rtsp://admin:verification code@device ip:554/ch1/main (mainstream)

    Note: verification code is the 6 capital letters code you can find on the device label; device IP is the IP address of your camera.

  • How to use LAN Live View

    If you want to use LAN Live View, you can enter it in the following two ways:

    If your phone network is on the same local network as your camera

    1 Log in to your EZVIZ account, and tap the profile icon on the top left corner. 

    2 Tap Settings 

    3 Scroll down to find LAN Live View 

    4 Alternatively, if you are unable to log in to your EZVIZ account, you can also access LAN Live View by tapping the play icon on the top right of the login page.

    5 Make sure your camera and phone are on the same LAN, then tap Start Scanning.

    6 Enter the device verification code as the password (usually located on the white sticker of your camera) and the username is admin by default, and you will be able to view your camera.

    If you do not have a network

    1 Log in to your EZVIZ account, and tap the profile icon on the upper left corner. 

    2 Tap Settings 

    3 Scroll down to find LAN Live View 

    4 Alternatively, if you are unable to log in to your EZVIZ account, you can also access to LAN Live View by tapping the play icon on the top right of the login page. 

    5 Reset the camera by pressing the reset button for 4-5 seconds and when the indicator light starts flashing blue quickly, go to the Wi-Fi settings page on your smartphone, connect your phone to the device Wi-Fi named EZVIZ_plus SN, and enter the password EZVIZ_plus verification code (the verification code is usually located on the white sticker of your camera), then go back to the EZVIZ app and tap Start Scanning.

    6 Enter the device verification code as the password and the username is admin by default, and you will be able to view your camera.