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  • Can I create maps in the EZVIZ app? How accurate is the mapping?

    Map creation can be initiated from the EZVIZ app. By using d-TOF laser radar, the mapping accuracy can reach 15mm.

  • How many ways are there to control the cleaning of the RS2?

    There are 3 ways: docking station panel and RS2 buttons for operation, intelligent speaker control, and APP control.

  • How to do factory data reset of W3?

    Press the reset button for over 6 seconds until the light flash white, and the router will be rebooted to complete the process.

  • What's the function of Anti Wi-Fi Squatter Mode of W3?

    After typing in the password, every new device will have to wait for the owner’s permission to access the network. It’s a two-step verification to protect your network from hacking attempts.

  • How to configure W3

    When using the router for the first time, you should configure the parameters through the computer or the mobile phone. We take the mobile phone as an example:

    1. Confirm that the device has been connected correctly, powered on normally, and the LED indicator is solid green. 

    2. Connect your mobile phone to the wireless network of the device (Network Name: ezviz_XXXXXX, no password by default). 

    3. Open the browser of your mobile phone, input "wifi.ezvizlife.com", and go to the configuring page. 

    4. Set the parameters such as the device management password, Wi-Fi name and password, etc.

  • How to clean the mop cloth for RS2 and whether it has automatic drying function

    Rotary self-cleaning, the docking station has the function of air drying mop cloth.

  • What's the function of One-Key Access

    After the router configured network, the EZVIZ smart home camera(s) can connect to the router's Wi-Fi by the function of One-Key Access.

  • How to change the language of the RH1 device?

    RH1 currently supports English (by default), French, German & Italian.

    To change the language, please follow the steps below:

    1. Place RH1 on its charging base.

    2. While the device is charging, press and hold the Mode Button for 3 seconds to enter the language change mode (language sequence: English, French, German, Italian).

    3. Press the Mode Button once to switch to another language.

    4. Press and hold the Mode Button for 3 seconds to exit the language change mode.

  • What is the Wi-Fi password after the reset of W3?

    After reset, the password will become “last 4 digits of SN” + ”verification code(6 upper case letters)”.

  • What if the EZVIZ App shows that the RS2 is not online?

    Please follow the steps below:

    1. The App shows that the Robot is offline, but the device's WiFi indicator light remains on:

    a. Log out of the App and log in again.

    b. Reconnect the cellphone network (Wi-Fi or mobile network).

    c. Restart the router.

    2. The App shows that the Robot is offline and the Wi-Fi indicator light is always flashing:

    a. Confirm whether the Robot is in a position where the Wi-Fi signal is weak.

    b. Confirm whether the name or password of the Wi-Fi has been changed. If so, please reconfigure the network.

    c. Please turn off the power supply of the Robot and restart it. After starting, please observe whether the Wi-Fi indicator light remains on. If it remains on, refresh the App to see if the Robot is online. If it flashes, it is recommended to restart the router. After the phone is connected to the network normally, open the App to check whether the Robot is online. If it still shows offline status, please reconfigure the network.

    3. The Wi-Fi indicator light suddenly goes out in a daily state:

    a. Check whether the Robot power supply is turned on.

    b. In the power-on state, shortly press the reset button and observe the display status of the Wi-Fi light.

    If you continue to encounter issues or have any further concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support for further assistance.

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