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  • How to upgrade my CloudPlay service plan?

    If your device is still in active service and its subscription renewal has not been canceled, please enter the Settings page of your device > CloudPlay > tap "Subscription Management" at the bottom, there will be displayed all the upgrade options that can be supported.


    If your device is still in service but its subscription renewal has been canceled, please go to your device's Settings page > CloudPlay > tap "Subscribe/Renew" at the bottom to proceed. You will be able to upgrade your service plan.


    If your device does not have a service plan, but there are other devices under your account in the service that are supported to upgrade to a Home Plan, please follow the steps below:

    1. Enter the "Settings" page of the current camera and scroll down to find "CloudPlay".

    2. Tap "Subscribe/Renew".

    3. Select the Home Plan you want to subscribe to.

    4. Agree to the EZVIZ SERVICE AGREEMENT and tap the blue bank card bar at the bottom.

    5. When an upgrade prompt appears on the APP, tap "Yes" if you want to upgrade to a Home Plan.

    6. Users will automatically be taken to the CloudPlay page of the device already subscribed to an annual or monthly individual plan.

    7. Tap "Subscription Management".

    8. Select the Home Plan you want to upgrade to.

    9. Agree to the EZVIZ SERVICE AGREEMENT and tap the blue bar with the bank card icon at the bottom again.

    10. Review your new plan and tap "Submit" to continue and complete the upgrade.

    11. Go back to the CloudPlay page of the device you successfully upgraded to Home Plan, tap "Camera(s) in Home Plan 1/4" and select the device you want to add.


    Please note that the upgrade can only be supported if you have paid by credit card. If you encounter any difficulties while upgrading the CloudPlay service, please contact EZVIZ by sending an email to rma.glb@ezviz.com.

  • How to get your CloudPlay subscription invoice

    To better assist you, please provide the following information by contacting EZVIZ at rma.glb@ezviz.com:

    1. the 9-digit SN of your EZVIZ camera

    2. the email address you used to subscribe to CloudPlay

    3. the payment for which you are requesting an invoice

    4. if the invoice is requested for your company, please provide us with the company information as well.


    Please note that if your CloudPlay service is still in the free trial period, you will need to contact us with the above information when you actually pay for the subscription after the free trial period ends.

  • How to subscribe to the CloudPlay?

    Please follow the steps below:

    1. Click the "3 dots" at the bottom right of the device window on the Home page to enter the "Device Settings" page.

    2. Scroll down to find the "CloudPlay" and enter it.

    3. Tap the "Subscribe" button.

    4. Select the plan, agree to the "EZVIZ SERVICE AGREEMENT" and tap the credit card (or Paypal Checkout) box.

    5. Enter your billing information and tap "Continue". Please make sure that your card supports Visa or MasterCard or American Express and that all information is entered correctly without unnecessary spaces.

    6. Submit the payment to continue.

    7. You have successfully subscribed to CloudPlay.

  • How to active the Cloud Card?

    Please follow the steps below:

    1. Log in to your EZVIZ account and enter the "Settings" page of your device.

    2. Scroll down to find and enter "CloudPlay". 

    3. Tap the 3 dots on the top right to enter the "Manage" page.

    4. Click "Enter Card Activation Code" or "Cloud Card Activation".

    5. Enter the activation code and tap "Activate Now" to continue. Please be sure to use upper and lower case letters and do not leave any spaces in the activation code.

    6. Tap "Continue" until the "Activation is successful" prompt appears in the app.

    7. Make sure the "Recording" button on the "Manage" page is enabled, otherwise Cloudplay will not record.

  • How to delete your CloudPlay payment information from the EZVIZ APP?

    Please note that you can remove the payment method after you cancel all your subscription(s).

    Step 1: From the Home page, tap the three-dot icon next to your camera name to enter the "Device Settings" page.

    Step 2: Tap "CloudPlay".

    Step 3: Tap the three-dot icon at the top right.

    Step 4: Tap "Payment Method".

    Step 5: Tap the pencil icon in the top right corner.

    Step 6: On the card information page, tap "Delete" at the top right.

    Step 7: Tap "Delete" to continue and your payment information will be deleted.

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