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  • Will the RS2 cause scratches on wooden floors or baseboards when cleaning?

    For floor with soft wood, it maybe damaged by the obstacles like hard dust, ceramic, glass fragment sticked on the RS2 mop assembly and main brush, which belongs to a common phenomenon for RS2; influenced by the color, RS2 may not effectively detect and avoid the skirting line if the skirting line is made of dark light-absorbing material or with partial embossing, so that there is a certain probability that it will trigger a slight bump, which may cause scratches over time.

  • After being disconnected, will RS2 automatically reconnect to the Wi-Fi?

    After being disconnected, RS2 will automatically reconnect to the Wi-Fi when it approaches the router again.

  • Can RS2 connect to Wi-Fi? Does it support 5G band Wi-Fi?

    It can only connect to 2.4G Wi-Fi network.

  • How to enable One-Key Access for W3

    Power on the camera(s), and when the camera(s) is in the state of waiting to configure the Wi-Fi, press the router's RESET button one time to start detecting your camera(s), the camera(s) will connect to the router's Wi-Fi. The router will automatically exit One-Key Access after 120s.

  • Does W3 support dual band?

    Yes. W3 supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual band.

  • How to add the RS2 to the EZVIZ APP?

    Please follow the steps below:

    1. Connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network (the device only supports 2.4G Wi-Fi network);

    2. Download and install the "EZVIZ" App, and complete user registration according to the prompts;

    3. Press and hold the power button of RS2 for 4s until it is turned on;

    4. Select Add Device to enter the scan QR code interface;

    5. Scan the QR code on the body of RS2 and complete the network configuration and addition of the device according to the interface prompts.

  • Can I rename the region or the room in the map management in the app?

    Please follow the steps below:

    1. Click [Map] on the main interface of cleaning, select the map you need to operate, and click to enter the map editing interface.

    2. Click [Room Name] in the menu below, and click the room to name it. Custom naming is supported.

  • What's the function of Anti Wi-Fi Squatter Mode of W3?

    After typing in the password, every new device will have to wait for the owner’s permission to access the network. It’s a two-step verification to protect your network from hacking attempts.

  • Can RS2 clean carpets? Can the suction level be adjusted automatically?

    The RS2 is equipped with carpet recognition capability, allowing it to sweep carpets effectively. Additionally, the suction level of the RS2 is adjustable.

  • How long can the map of the RS2 created in the app last?

    The map can be saved all the time.

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