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  • How to adjust Notification Sound in the EZVIZ APP

    Step 1: From the Library Page, tap the three-dot icon to enter the Library Settings Page 

    Step 2: Tap Push Notification Settings 

    Step 3: Then tap Notification Sound and select the tone you would like to set for each type of events 

  • How to change the language of the EZVIZ app

    Step 1 Log in to your EZVIZ account, tap the profile icon on the top left 

    Step 2 Tap Settings 

    Step 3 Tap Language 

    Step 4 Select the language you would like to set and tap Save to complete the settings

  • [Instruction]How to enable/disable Device Auto Upgrade on the EZVIZ APP

    Step 1: Log in to your EZVIZ account, tap the profile icon on the top left 

    Step 2: Tap Settings 

    Step 3: Tap Device Auto Upgrade  

    Step 4: Tap the toggle button to enable or disable the device auto upgrade 

  • What is the security update policy of the TY1?

    EZVIZ will provide security update for the TY1 up till 31th December 2025, and extended support may be provided after the stated date.

  • How to enable Dark Mode in the EZVIZ app

    Step 1: Sign in to your EZVIZ account and locate the profile icon in the top left corner. Tap on it. 

    Step 2: From the menu, choose "Settings".

    Step 3: In the Settings options, find and tap on "Dark Mode".

    Step 4: Within the Dark Mode settings, select the "Dark Mode" option. Afterward, simply exit the page, and your preferences will be saved automatically. 

    Note: Enabling Dark Mode in the EZVIZ app will only affect the app's appearance. If you select "Auto", the app will adapt to your phone's system-wide settings.

  • The battery seems to drain too fast

    Kindly note the actual battery life will vary depending on environmental factors, network stability, and the frequency of camera activities. 

    Thus, to optimize the battery life, we suggest you check the following:

    1)Low temperature. As the battery inside is a lithium-ion battery, if the temperature is low, the charging would be slowed, so you may need to charge more often at temperatures below 0. 

    2)Weak Wi-Fi connection. Please ensure the network connection is good and there is no barrier or radio interference between your camera and your router causing an unstable network. You may open the EZVIZ mobile app > enter camera settings > Network Settings and tap Wi-Fi Signal Strength to test the signal.

    3)Meanwhile, you can try the below settings to reduce battery drain:

    - enable Power Saving or Super Power Saving(only active live view can wake up the camera) in camera Settings > Working Mode 

    - decrease detection sensitivity in camera settings > Intelligent Detection

    - draw detection areas in camera settings > Intelligent Detection

  • How to start playback?

    Go to the live view page, you could find the historical video list under the player window if storage is under normal status. Scroll down the timeline or tap the thumbnail to start playback.

    Go to the Library tab, tap a specific event and tap ‘Playback’ to play recent video at that time.

  • [Instruction]How to zoom on the EZVIZ mobile App

    You may place two fingers lightly on the screen and then slowly move them apart to enlarge the picture or pinch them together to make the picture smaller. For models such as DB2C, users can only zoom the picture when the live view is in Fisheye mode. 

  • [Troubleshoot]What should I do if the live stream fails to play?

    Regarding this, please try switching the network your phone connects to, for example, using phone data or if your router is dual band, using 5G Wi-Fi.

    Meanwhile, kindly note that network connection may affect the streaming performance of your EZVIZ devices, thus we do suggest an average upload speed of 2 Mbps or better. To check the speed, you may stand by your EZVIZ device, connect your mobile phone to your Wi-Fi, and visit www.speedtest.net to test.

    (For a 3MP device, we do suggest an average upload speed of 3 Mbps or better. If a 4MP device, we do suggest an average upload speed of 4 Mbps or better.)


    If you are still experiencing live view issues in your Wi-Fi network, you may also try to change the channel settings for your router or remove some devices you seldom use from your router to ensure sufficient bandwidth.

  • How to disable the Critical Alerts

    1. From the Library Page, tap the second icon on the top right side to enter the Library Settings Page

    2. Tap Push Notification Settings

    3. Then tap Critical Alerts

    4. Disable Critical Alerts to complete the settings

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